As most of you know, my journey with many of the animals at Glen Wild Animal Rescue started many years ago. Miracle the abused puppy that I adopted turns 13 this year. Many of the dogs that I took in had nowhere to go because the sanctuary they called home closed. These dogs have been through several moves with me. The journey was not easy but I learned that I could do more than I ever imagined. I learned how much I really loved these animals as I fought so hard to keep them alive and well. I realized who our friends are and how many people wanted to help. I also learned that my faith in God grew stronger and helped me make it through the difficult times.

Over the past three years my focus was on maintaining our programs and keeping the operations going.  I have been praying for a place that Glen Wild could call home; dealing with rentals and leases was very tough especially when so many animals were involved.

My prayers were answered last February when a beautiful farm property was donated to Glen Wild Animal Rescue and last spring we moved our entire operations to our new home in Cherry Valley, N.Y. The place is amazing and there is room for all. Since we arrived we have helped 18 cats that are now here with us and up for adoption. We have plans to work with feral cats and have helped many dogs that were in desperate need of a safe haven.

digging the new water linenew location for Glen Wild Animal Rescue

Our new home was a former dairy farm so we are in the process of renovating our barns and doggie proofing our sanctuary home. We have a pole barn that needs insulation, heat, water and will serve as a great space for helping resue dogs with housing and training while they wait for adoption.

I have given my all and the hard work has paid off, but in order for us to continue our work and provide lifetime care, I need your help. Please consider making one time donation, or make a monthly $5/ sponsorship in the 2000 Club, and ask other animal lovers to help too.  Please be a constant in our lives so we can be a constant in theirs.

Many thanks for your help over the years!

Liz and the Animals of Glen Wild Animal Rescue

Your monthly donation helps these amazing animals every single day. We are committed to helping the animals that need a second chance. Your financial support is critical to keeping our animals safe, warm and fed this winter. Please donate today.


Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers


  • Train rescue dogs as service dogs for soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Name the dogs in honor of fallen soldiers and carefully pair the dogs with veterans to allow a better life for both soldier and dog.
  • Work with teens in a juvenile detention facility to train the dogs.

Learn more.