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Marcy and Trina go for a ride

Marcy came to us when she was unable to be placed in a home, she loves it here at Glen Wild Animal Sanctuary and we hope you will help by becoming her sponsor.


Alana was a bait dog and was used for breeding. She came out of the East New York Section of Brooklyn. When she first arrived I had no idea what an important role she would play in my life and the lives of the teen boys we work with at the Juvenile Detention Center. Glen Wild Animal Rescue has vowed to keep Alana safe and will care for her for the rest of her life with your help, so she will never be abandoned again.

In her photo you can see her wounds & scars that have healed. At first Alana would not even walk as each step was made in fear. She was so conditioned to being abused that she expected it. It took many many hours of positive reinforcement and a load of patience to gain her trust and to build her confidence. She passed a huge milestone when she recently accompanied me to Hartwick College to speak to a class about the importance of the Animal – Human Bond. She walked in with her head held high and her chest out and I cried as we walked through the hallways of Hartwick.

At the JD Center the most sensitive teen boys gravitate to Alana, they recognize the fear she once had and relate to that. They see how she learns to trust them and they see the impact they have on her. The connection is very strong and Alana knows that this is her job in life — to help these young men trust learn to trust again. Alana, we love you and want to continue to provide you with a safe and loving home.

Please help us by sponsoring Alana.


Emi came to us from another rescue group that could no longer keep her. Emi is deaf, therefore it is hard for her to read other dogs. She loves her toys and bones and does not like to share them with other dogs, although people can take anything she has. When Emi came to use she definitely needed some training. Once we were able to assess her true behavior we decided to have her become part of the shelter dog training program. Emi was a big hit with the young men; the fact that they had to teach her sign language to teach her the commands made their work with Emi even more important. Emi took to learning these commands very quickly and knows her name, sit, stay, lay down, and a few others all by signing.

Although Emi is what we would call a difficult dog to place, she has become the most wonderful dog when it comes to working with young teens. Even at the sanctuary when young volunteers come with their parents, Emi is the dog they love to take out and walk and play with. There is something very special about Emi.

A few weeks ago Emi started to get sick and we were not sure what was going on with her. We rushed her to the vet and x-rays showed nothing, then they did another test that revealed a blockage in her intestine. We had no idea what it could be as we are very careful with what are dogs eat and get to play with. We were now faced with a decision — do we have the costly surgery done or do we put her to sleep? Many may say, “Put her to sleep, why spend so much money on a shelter dog?” But we could not say that. As her cute little face looked up at us, knowing how attached the teens and young volunteers are to her, knowing that we owe her to fight for her life, how could we not say yes to the surgery?

Emi went through the surgery and two weeks later is A-OK ! She is back to her playful self and we are so glad we chose to help her. The blockage was caused by a piece of a Planet Pet (indestructible bone) toy that she had chewed off and it got lodged in her intestine. So we will be sending this info to the company so no other pet gets harmed by this toy.

I hope you understand why we saved Emi, and if you do, can you please help sponsor her?

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